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7 พฤษภาคม, 2016

The Asian Scientist 100 Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine



The Asian Scientist 100 These rising stars and veterans hail from diverse sectors in industry and academia. Some further medical research, others decipher the mysteries of the cosmos. But they all share in one common mission—to make tomorrow a better place for you and me. Asian Scientist Newsroom | March 30, 2016 | Special Feature 

At Asian Scientist Magazine, our mission is to raise awareness of the quality research taking place in Asia and turn this pool of excellent researchers into household names. For the first time ever, we bring you the definitive Asian Scientist 100 list, which is the result of combing through scientific awards and breakthroughs across the region in the past 12 months. To be acknowledged on this list, the honoree must have received a national or international prize in 2014 or 2015 for his or her scientific research. This prize must involve a competitive selection procedure. Alternatively, in the same period, the honoree could have made a significant contribution in scientific discovery or leadership that has benefited either academia or industry. The 100 distinguished scientists, innovators and leaders on this annual list—in no order of merit—come from diverse fields, ranging from the biomedical sciences to mathematics and geology. Together, they weave a rich tapestry of science and technology and provide inspiration and hope to many people around the world. Our Asian Scientist 100 list is by no means an exhaustive compilation, but we expect that it will provide a valuable snapshot into the exciting science taking place in Asia and heighten the interest of scientists from elsewhere who may want to work with the best scientists from the region.